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Consulting & Contracting


Data Collection & Analysis

I have ran numerous data collection projects for research and marketing purposes and would be happy to help you gather the large amount of data that you need in an efficient, timely and renewable manner.

Tools Setup & First Steps

During the course of my career, I had the opportunity to install and train myself on a considerable amount of tools used widely in Marketing and Research departments and am therefore able to implement them in your workflow as well as showing you the ropes.

List of Tools I can help with

Dashboard Platform Setup and Creation

Reporting and visualising your data has become one of the most important skills of this decade. I can help you build a reporting platform that will integrate with the data gathering tools you are currently using and help you design an appealing self-actualising dashboard platform that you can use and share with your collaborators.

Python Scripting & Automation

I’ve been a Python developer for a few years already and have already worked with and connected tens of libraries and APIs together. Whether you are looking to build a script to connect Moz to Google Sheets or Google Docs to Google Sheets or any other combination, there is a chance I can help you build this automation from scratch.

Teaching & Speaking

I’ve learned a lot about how to deliver how-to content and explain the intricacies of complex concepts to various profiles along my career. I would like to eventually explore this side of my personality to expand upon the content that I developed on this website and be able to connect with an audience in a more engaging way.


Due to my limited availability and the amount of requests I get, I had to set my rate at 60 USD/hour. This rate would of course be revisited if you are looking to hire me for a bigger project that would involve me for a consequential amount of hours. I am also happy to negotiate costs when working with schools and non-profits organisations.

Next Steps?

Thank you for wishing to get in contact with me. Please just fill out this form down below with your details and a quick brief of your task/project and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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Get more tutorials, guides and curated content !

In your inbox, once a week.