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How to Display Unique Values of Multiple Columns in a Single Column in Google Sheets

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This one is going to be a really straight-forward and short article. For one of my projects, I had values spanned across multiple columns in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and needed to get the unique values from all of these cells compiled in one single column.

If you’ve tried previously to use the formula UNIQUE and setting the range within this formula to a range that contains multiple columns, you probably ended up with the same result as I did:


Now, in an ideal world, we would want this UNIQUE formula to output every unique value from all of these columns into one column.

Thankfully, Google has thought about this issue and provided us with the FLATTEN formula. Here is a little summary of the formula from the Google Sheets’ Helper:

Now, if we combine this FLATTEN formula with our UNIQUE formula which had a range spanning across multiple columns, here is the result:


Magic. When I found out about this formula I was just ecstatic. It’s a game-changer which benefits not only this specific scenario but many others.

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Thank you for your time!

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Yaniss Illoul

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